Local strategic planning statement will underpin Sutherland Shire's next LEP

A 20-year strategy for housing and other development in Sutherland Shire will soon be released for community comment.

The local strategic planning statement will underpin the next local environmental plan (LEP), which is expected to come into force in 2021.

The 2015 LEP created enormous debate, with more than 5000 submissions, three drafts and an independent review, established by the state government.

A council spokeswoman said in March 2018, the state government introduced new legislation requiring councils to prepare a local strategic planning statement (LSPS), showing how actions in the Greater Sydney Commission's South District Plan would be implemented in the local area.

"The purpose of the LSPS is to communicate the 20-year vision for land use in the local area, the special characteristics which contribute to local identity, shared community values to be maintained and enhanced, and how growth and change will be managed into the future," she said.

"We are currently working on our LSPS and it will soon be on public exhibition for community feedback.

"It will incorporate council plans and policies and align them with the NSW Government's strategic planning framework, as well as our LEP and community strategic plan."

The spokeswoman said the state government set each council in greater Sydney a timeframe to review its LEP and align it with their district plan.

Sutherland Shire was given three years to complete this process, which meant a refreshed LEP has to be submitted by mid-2020.

The spokeswoman said the LSPS would shape how "the development controls in the LEP evolved over time to meet the community's needs".

"There will be a significant period of community consultation on the LSPS before it is finalised," she said.

"After this process, the current LEP will be refreshed to ensure it aligns with the South District Plan and the LSPS, and this new draft will be submitted to the state government in mid-2020 for initial endorsement and approval for it to proceed to exhibition.

"Once this draft has been approved, the community will have the opportunity to provide further feedback during our consultation period, estimated to be in late 2020.

"These timelines are dependent on the state government."