Kiora toilets 'horror' stories

Lasting impression: A sales representative says the toilets in the Kiora Centre are the worst she has seen during her visits to shopping centres. Picture: supplied
Lasting impression: A sales representative says the toilets in the Kiora Centre are the worst she has seen during her visits to shopping centres. Picture: supplied

RE the article ''Shopping centre toilets disgraceful'' (Leader, June 19).

I have never been so frightened in my life than using the toilets at Kiora Centre some years ago. As your article illustrated they were graffitied and dirty, but they are in an isolated part of the centre, behind heavy doors. Despite being a reasonably confident assertive 60-year-old, I was so scared I actually phoned my husband at work so he was on the line while I used the facilities, as Iwas very aware that someone could follow me and assault me and no-one could hear me scream. I contacted the centre and council at the time, with no response.

Corinne Johnston, Gymea Bay

It is the most depressing shopping centre I have ever seen! I have lived here for over 15 years and hasn't changed. Only ever went there to renew driver's licence. It is so dark inside and when I was looking for Spotlight, I entered the centre, saw Spotlight store at end but thought it had closed down as so dark I didn't expect that it would be open if not lit up so I left.

Carol Swensen

Those toilets are unbelievably scary! Located in the back corner of the car park, up dirty dark stairway and hall and covered in graffiti. Been like it for years. I ran to get out of there one day last year and ended up accidentally going through an emergency back entry of spotlight before they had even opened for the day.

Marnie Tanner Sigal

The whole centre is a nightmare. The ceiling leaks when it rains, the toilets are very scary and half the shops are empty because the person that owns it is known to not care one little bit that the whole place is such a mess.

Katherine Rawstron

Centre is dark and dirty needs a full scrub, appreciate owner needs money to spend it but why would you go there in the state it is in. Carpark is dark dismal stairwell has broken times and is dirty. These toilets dont surprise me - I only go there if necessary.

Shellie McEvoy

Terrible facilities. I just hope the owner isn't the guy I got on the intercom one day when the boom gate wouldn't accept card payment methods and I had six cars backed up behind me. He was rude and very unhelpful. I had to get out and ask every car to move back so I could go pay for my ticket at the machine. Even then, the machine wasn't accepting card payments so I had to walk up to an ATM.

Amber Seggie

This is not new these were like this over 2 years ago. I never went back.

Shane Nairn

They've been just like that for years. I ventured into them just once, too bad to actually use so I had to quickly drive to Parkside where they have decent toilets.

Jill Millard

They are putrid and anyone that says they are cleaned nightly must be in the wrong place. I went in there and walked out heaving at the condition they are a health hazard and no way would you allow children to use them walking to them is scary enough.

Beverley Allen

The toilets didn't destroy or vandalise themselves and very doubtful centre management did it either. An interesting reflection of community behaviour and standards

Pat Ricochet

It's a disgrace and a crime waiting to happen. Surprised she was brave enough to walk through the dark car park and up those stairs.

David Colussi

Those toilets have been in that state for years. Took my kids in there exactly once--got in and out as fast as we could. They still remember them and call them the horror movie toilets.

Megan Cheadle

The entire Kiora Centre has been an eyesore for years, and needs to be better managed. Parkside Plaza should take it over, they've shown that it can be done.

Roy Howarth