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A symbol of tolerance

In reply to ''Rainbow Crossing Disgust'' (Your View, June 12). I am deeply saddened and confused by the letter writer's disgust over the rainbow crossing in Hurstville. It's a symbol of tolerance and support for the LGBTQ community. As a teacher with 41 years of experience I can tell you that some of the most talented teachers I worked with were openly gay. I'm sorry that anyone in the community would be "disgusted" by that crossing.

Jane, Oatley

'No rush' after 50 years

RE ''Minns advocates public transport on F6 corridor'' (Leader, May 29). Fifty years ago I would go to my grandparents house in San Souci and play on the vacant land that is the F6 corridor. Fifty years later this bloke wants not to "rush" into anything .... wants it used for public transport. Has he noticed the rail line that has run through Kogarah since the 1800s? Has he noticed all the buses?

Scott Bulliman

Light's out at Menai

The Sutherland Shire Council has an excellent web site where residents can report faults. When I reported that a light illuminating a path through Menai Park had stopped working, I was informed that it would take no longer than 39.4 days to fix. A couple of reminders later, a council worker called me to confirm the details in my report. It has now been well over a year and the light is still not functioning. In the interest of accuracy, the upper limit for action should now be changed from 39.4 days to "never".

Michael Braun , Menai

Bike lane takes parking

Once more Sutherland Shire Council is reducing parking in Sutherland shopping centre. It is replacing 24 parking spots to include a "bike lane". There is insufficient parking in Sutherland without this madness.

Alan, Oyster Bay

Bus stops eat up parking

In January a bus zone and no stopping signs were put up on both sides of our street.This has left tenants with very limited parking especially when we come home late from work and have to park down the road quite far from our homes. Our street has drug activity and my children fear having to park further then they should have to at night. I have written to both council and the state MP to see if we could maybe get them to give us some times on the signs to park there while the buses don't run. The bus company has taken up three car spaces on both sides of the road. With high density buildings being built around us and more people needing to park it causes quite a drama after hours when people actually come home and have no where to park.

Ann, Riverwood