Can't do the stairs? Take the lift instead


SO STYLISH: The lifts can be installed without the need for major structural work.

SO STYLISH: The lifts can be installed without the need for major structural work.

If installing a lift in your home sounds like a luxury then a talk with Compact Home Lifts might change your mind.

The Matraville-based company specialises in electrical powered and operated vertical lifts which come in two sizes.

The Elegance has a two-person/170Kg lifting capacity and one of the smallest footprints in the marketplace, while The Elegance Plus has a two-person/220kg lifting capacity and can accommodate a wheelchair.

Lifts are installed by their our own in-house professionals, who will deal with the complex building works needed and ensure everything runs smoothly from start to finish.

Compact Home Lifts owner Damien Boyle said their product appealed to a wide range of people, including those who could no longer manage the stairs in their home, or those who simply wanted to add value and "future proof" their property.

He said a lift could be installed in an existing home in as little as two weeks.

"Because we do the building works and installation of the lift, we can get a rush job installed, realistically, in under two weeks if the occasion arises," he said.

"However, most jobs are usually installed in six to eight weeks.

"Ours is an electric motor driven lift and - because of the unique design and many safety features - we do not need to go to the expense of building a lift shaft or needing a structural wall to support it, like most other lift companies."

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Mr Boyle said no "hard sell" was required. "We get so much referral work because of the quality of the product and the service our customers receive from our staff every step of the way," he said.

"It is not every day you can do a job that can affect a person's way of life in such a positive way and it is something for which we are thankful and proud."

Mr Boyle said their lifts were non-hydraulic and plugged into a standard 10A power outlet. They feature a German gearbox motor and an electrical battery back-up system in case of power failure.

The lift can be single entry or a walk-through configuration and includes a half height interlocking gate to protect you while you ride between floor levels.

It includes a concealed mobile phone and safety such as an over speed device and overload indicator, a monitored door lock, pressure switches, an emergency stop button and motion sensors.

"Our lifts are designed for simplicity and engineered to last," Mr Boyle said.

To see the lifts in action visit the showroom at 19/19 McCauley Street, Matraville or phone 1800 904 088.

COMPACT DESIGN: There's a solution to suit every home.

COMPACT DESIGN: There's a solution to suit every home.