Taren Point dual occupancy development refused

Sutherland Shire Local Planning Panel expressed concern over the loss of landscaping along the waterfront in refusing approval for a proposed dual occupancy development at Taren Point.

Several on site trees and shrubs, along with a street tree, would have been removed and replaced with other types of vegetation in the proposed development at 54A Woodlands Road.

The new development would have replaced an old two-storey house on the heavily vegetated block next to the street, behind a subdivided block containing a waterfront home.

The developer applied for variations in standard landscaping and setback requirements.

In its decision, the panel said the applicant's submission failed to demonstrate that compliance with the landscape area development standard was unnecessary and unreasonable.

"It also fails to demonstrate sufficient environmental planning grounds to justify varying the development standard," the panel said.

"The panel notes in particular that there has been a gradual deterioration of the amount of landscaping provided along the waterfront and its replacement with hard surface areas, contrary to the objectives of the E4 Environmental Living Zone, and previous approvals of council.

"In that regard the proposal is considered to not be in the public interest as the proposal fails to comply with the objectives of both the landscape area and those of the E4 Environmental Living Zone.

"The panel also is also of the view that given these deficiencies, and the inability to satisfy the objectives of the landscape area in such a sensitive zone as that of the E4 zoning, that the site is also unsuitable for the use that is proposed in this application."

The panel's decision was unanimous