End to shire's dusty roads was close in 1968

A major milestone in the development of Sutherland Shire was approaching 51 years ago.

In 1968, the council announced work crews were expected to complete the sealing of the shire's 517 miles (832km) of roads in the next 12 months.

The last 30 miles (48km) of dusty roads were being covered by bitumen at a cost of $11,000 per mile.

"Temporarily slowed by winter rain, then the petrol strike, the road sealing gangs are accelerating their activities in a final burst...," the Leader reported.

The "ear splitting noise of jackhammers, even explosives, is sweet music to ratepayers, who want to see the dust problem well and truly laid," the report continued.

Shire president Arthur Gietzelt said, once all roads were sealed, the council would turn its attention to kerbing and guttering and footpaths.

Another major road project around the same time was the upgrading of Port Hacking Road, Miranda, to a dual carriageway.

A classic Leader photo shows Deputy Shire Engineer (design) Harold O'Brien inspecting the work.

"A complete new road is being built here on a low level to provide for an overpass for the proposed Southern Expressway," the caption said.

Fifty-one years later, residents are still waiting for the Southern Expressway (F6) to be built through the shire.


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