Feral deer pose risks and are not 'Bambi'

Unwelcome visitors: Two deer roam Marina Crescent at Gymea Bay in broad daylight last week. Picture: supplied
Unwelcome visitors: Two deer roam Marina Crescent at Gymea Bay in broad daylight last week. Picture: supplied

Re the article ''Oh deer! We have visitors'' (Leader, July 24).

Most of the feral deer in Gymea Bay, are not swimming across from the national park.

They are living and breeding on private land, mostly the large blocks on the western side of Arcadia Avenue.

I've been writing to Sutherland Shire Council about these dangerous destructive pest for over 10 years and their response is always the same: "It's private land and they can't do anything about it".

Maybe it will take someone being killed or seriously injured before anything is done. I hope not!

Jennifer Lette, Gymea Bay

We live near to where this photo was taken and I am told they have always been here. We see them most days and they do a fantastic job mowing and fertilising the lawn. There are certainly less deer now than when we first moved in seven years ago. They are not dangerous and are usually very timid and scared. We are certainly more "alien" and damaging to the environment than the deer will ever be.

Martin Guest

Don't give kids a false impression, these are feral animals not bambi - they could kill a child if they go up to them. They are dangerous and destructive and do more damage than good. They are wild and dangerous and destroy gardens and local habitat.

Jonno Ahearn

Although they are amazing creatures they are an introduced feral animal that has no place in the national park. It's not construction driving them into suburbia, they're breeding in larger numbers and foraging wider as they run out of food in the park.

David Townsend

Allowing an introduced species to run rampant, and breed uncontrollably, while adversely impacting the natural habitat of native fauna, simply because "oh they're cute", is both irresponsible and reckless.

Wade Cattley

"Cr Kent Johns, who also represents the Gymea Bay area said, "It's an ongoing problem and needs the input of all levels of government." You would think the Shooters & Fishers Party MLC's would be all over this.

Ian Page

As a resident of the national park I've had many a Mexican stand off with the neighbourhood bucks trying to get into our bin. Not once have I felt unsafe in chasing them away and never have they charged at me. Sure they're a pest but I wouldn't consider them dangerous. A danger to our bins, sure but not to us.

Jodi Barker

This is normal and standard at Grays Point - always had deer in the yard as a kid. They always visit during the day almost everyday - two have even been born in our backyard.

Julie Williams

This is ridiculous ... I've never heard of deer attacking people! They woulld run a mile if you went near them ... they are regular visitors to my neighbourhood.

Margaret Venn