Ratepayers demand answers on pool future

Stranded: Members of the Water Dragons Swimming Club have been left without a venue following the closure of the Carss Park pool. Picture: John Veage
Stranded: Members of the Water Dragons Swimming Club have been left without a venue following the closure of the Carss Park pool. Picture: John Veage

RE the article "Watery grave: Shock decision to close the Carss Park Pool" (Leader, July 31).

It appears obvious to me that Georges River Council has never had an interest in maintaining or upgrading Carss Park Pool.

Their decision to close shows they don't value the pool, swimming, learn to swim classes, or the variety of other vital community uses for the pool and gym, including the value of having a 50m pool for swimming carnivals.

The environmental conscience they have suddenly developed is farcical when compared to years of them doing next to nothing about the sewerage and chemical run-off that pours into Kogarah Bay regularly from canals and stormwater, surely creating a great deal more damage to the waterways than could possibly come from the pool.

Carss Park War Memorial Pool has had so little care and intervention over decades, which has contributed to its dilapidation and caused many local residents drive to Sans Souci instead to swim for leisure, attend swimming lesson and classes like aqua aerobics.

It is clear that redevelopment of the site won't be easy or cheap, but I implore councillors to serve their community and their conscience by fighting for the funding required to reinstate the pool at Carss Park in its current location.

The federal pledge of $5 million is a great place to start. Please listen to the community you were elected to serve Georges River Council. Let's work together to create a new 50m pool and facilities at Carss Park to serve future generations for decades to come.

Aimee Martel, South Hurstville

Shame on Georges River Council. Has it no idea of what this pool has meant to so many kids who learnt to swim? The pride instilled in all the champions who were nurtured by Dick Caine was the Carss Park spirit and the local community cameraderie.

Sharyn Wood, Blakehurst

I see that the Georges River Council has now decided to permanently shut the Kogarah War Memorial pool because of a leaky pipe and some cracks. The pool needs to remain open. Fix the pipe and maintain the pool. The community needs it.

Rob Leplaw

While I'd love to see a vastly updated facility in its place, our community need to use the pool regularly. Its cost per user would be extraordinary and unaffordable unless people use it - it's often a ghost town unfortunately. Ask yourself - when did you last have a swim there or use the gym?

Samantha Kilpatrick

Everyday I was in that pool. And I know many more also that were in there every day. We have needed the council to maintain this facility which they haven't done properly for 50 years. Build a new one on this site with a 25 metre indoor pool and, just like Bexley pool, people will flock to it. It will pay for itself in no time. Learn to swim is so important , for adults and children. The Australian way of life is being lost.

Natalie Mort

This is an asset owned by the rate payers/constituents - the Georges River Council have been tasked to manage and maintain it. We the rate payers should not allow the change in use of one of our assets without consultation or vote. We need to hang onto all the public space and facilities we can as housing density and population continues to grown in our council area. This pool must be renovated or rebuilt. Everyone needs to let council know that we will not agree to any development other than replacement.

Angela Rudkins

Wow, I was coaching at the pool up until recently and I'm sure I would have noticed a crack that big. And if I hadn't, I would of thought my swimmers definitely would have. With a crack like that I'm sure swimmers would have been cutting their feet every time they turned.

Craig Chantler

It's a no brainer. Just rebuild it - you've got the funds. Build a beautiful pool and leisure centre that the community can enjoy.

Courtney Thompson

Council should be doing their job. Where is the maintenance and up keep of these places? I'm sure they are wanting to sell up to developers.

Greg Roulla Barn

So knock it down and rebuild. Surely council is earning enough money from all the high rises that have been built. Just a measly drop in the ocean for you, pardon the pun.

Mich Ceiic

All I can say is when Bexley pool was closed that land was definitely earmarked for high rise. It was the hard battle of independent councillors and local residents that fought tooth and nail to not let this happen and we now have an awesome facility of indoor/outdoor pools and gym.

Gabby Claudia Camilleri

So it's broken. Fix it or build a new pool. I am sure the council has enough money with all the new buildings with nothing for Us.

Jan Callus

The community need this pool .....all kids need to learn to swim and love going to the pool. PLEASE COUNCIL do the right thing .... renovate or rebuild .... we don't believe these stories you are trying to sell us.

BeLinda Bee

There are two ways you could look at this. First: council had the pool drained too quickly which caused the cracks, giving them justification for closing the pool because the cracks are so big. Second: the cracks have been there for a good while now, but council haven't bothered to do anything about rectifying them. Now they're so big council has a justification for closing the pool. Either way council looks bad.

Germana Eckert

Back in March I actually read through the boring council document about what they propose to do in the local area. That document outlines that they wanted to a) close Carss Park pool and b) build a new, huge facility at Jubilee Stadium somewhere. They've achieved step one, even though council promised that the pool would remain open until 2020. So let's wait and see - who wants to bet that a lovely piece of spin is sent out from council soon telling us that they have been working hard and are going to build a brand new facility (cough cough, mumbling) at Jubilee Stadium or near it.

Tam McKenzie-Smith

The council should fix it and stop grand standing fix repair renovate, repair or rebuild for the generations in the future, crikey the amount of high rise in the area and rates your receiving just do it.

D.Paul Aiken

So what's next council? Rate payers would like to know and deservingly so.

Adrian Sims