Pipe a footpath hindrance

Earlier this year our front footpath was used to store a number of large PVC pipes.

Additional to the pipes was a huge digger and other paraphernalia needed to replace the old pipes along sections of the bypass from Loftus to President Avenue. Work took place each night south of President Avenue. It continued over several months, much to the annoyance of surrounding homesteads.

When the work was competed many months ago I'm sure there were many people who cheerfully went to sleep without outside disturbances.

However, approximately four weeks ago the portable toilet was finally removed but there still remains one lone pipe safely resting supported with wood chocks, yellow and red cones supposedly forming an invisible rectangle without any hessian binding whatsoever.

Due to the fact it has been there for many months after the work has been completed I checked with the Sutherland Shire Council, Roads and Maritime Services and Sydney Water but all have dismissed responsibility!

It is an unacceptable barrier on the footpath and hinders any children's activity on this section of footpath!

Tony King, Sutherland