Taren Point Public School community delighted by new noise wall mural

A mural painted on the inside of a new noise wall next to Taren Point Public School shows the potential for brightening up drab or ugly walls in school playgrounds.

Painted across six panels is a glorious mix of birds and flowers, complementing the trees and grass of the playground.

Principal Trent Bridgland said the school community was thrilled with the result.

"Even before it was built, the staff thought an artwork would help everyone adjust to the new wall, and the best option would be something bright and vibrant," he said.

"The students and parents love it - we are so thankful to the artist and everyone involved."

The artist, Hayley Mischief Lord, said the artwork was gradually spray painted on, followed by some detailing work and adding UV-resistant acrylic paint.

"I've been doing art in schools to produce murals, and thought this was a wonderful opportunity to bring the new noise wall to life," she said.

"It's big, bright, bold, joyful and playful. We wanted to create a nice area for the kids to play in, inspired by birds, flowers and native flora and fauna.

"I love colour, and I'm not afraid to use it.

"I'm so happy to have painted this for the school community to enjoy and feel welcomed each day."

Miranda MP Eleni Petinos said the artwork was a fantastic addition to the school grounds.

"It's great to see such an imaginative use of space which lights up the playground with splashes of colour, birds and flowers," she said.

"Since the wall was finished at the end of July, it's been fantastic to see the school be so creative with the new space.

"Not only is the wall helping reduce disturbance from traffic noise, it's also now helping to inspire and uplift students and teachers."

Mr Bridgland said the wall itself had also been very effective in reducing noise.

"Staff say it's not as difficult to get the kids' attention," he said.

The outside of the noise wall has also remained graffiti free since a portable CCTV unit was positioned on the site.

The white and pastel coloured, 150 metre long wall was a initially a target for vandals.