Deer hunters in the sights

Fair game?: A deer wanders close to the fence of a Kirrawee home on the edge of Royal National Park.
Fair game?: A deer wanders close to the fence of a Kirrawee home on the edge of Royal National Park.

RE the article ''Hunters causing carnage: Royal National Park deer not fair game'' (Leader, September 4).

I'm in Grays Point and have the deer visit daily. If anyone was on my property hunting the deer I would not give a second thought to hunt them myself.

Julie Williams

Deer are feral. I think I would rather have a hunting season for them instead of culling. They cull the deer in the Nasho. But they leave the deer carcass where it lands. That feeds the fox and feral cats. Then their population booms! What do you think they eat when the carcass runs out? Natives and endangered species. At least if there is a hunting season, the hunters are registered. They wouldn't be allowed to hunt in residential areas. They take the meat. The other feral species don't benefit. And maybe the cost of venison would come down too.

Jay War

Government should employ professional hunter to remove the deer once and for all. Otherwise people will take matters into their own hands. I had at lest 10 to 12 deer in my front yard in waterfall around 1 am destroying my garden. It's not on.

James Wilson

We live on the river at Grays Point, and heard hunters some time ago laughing, screaming, yahooing with all their spotlights. We rang Sutho police to see what was going on, as we were trying to have a family BBQ, they told us they were rescuing a bird from the water. Do they think we are stupid?

Annie Brown

The headspace that these people need to occupy to do this kind of thing is worrying.

Julie McJools

Yes. The deer should be culled but not by illegal hunters. This sort of lunacy only leads to people or native species being hurt or killed. With illegal hunters they may not have the skill to kill with the first & the animals suffer, or they end up shooting the wrong animal or a person. Another worry is that with illegal hunters their may be drugs or alcohol involved which makes them even more dangerous.

Janice Shaw

Get rid of the introduced pests that are wrecking our parks. In Victoria they encourage this to control the pests. Some areas are now open to hunt that are in national parks.

Matt Mason

Doing what NPWS have failed to do over the previous 30 years.

Greg Peterson