Rail line shade trees should be 'left alone'

"Devastating impact": Large figs next to Sutherland station would be among trees to be axed. Picture: Chris Lane
"Devastating impact": Large figs next to Sutherland station would be among trees to be axed. Picture: Chris Lane

RE the article "Rail line tree fears remain: Council's new appeal to Sydney Trains" (Leader, October 2).

I have never heard of any problems with this tree or any of the others along the railway line. I have lived in the Shire for over 60 years and have never read any stories of any of these trees causing any problems to people or the trains. They are not like the gum trees on other railway lines that shut down the rail lines when we have big winds. It is home to the birds that you hear chirping to each other every day. Leave the trees alone.

Anne Cook

Leave trees alone! With rising temperatures we need as many trees as possible to provide shade!

Vicki Cattell

This is a beautiful tree, a statement piece of Sutherland. It's just wonderful to hear the signing and chattering of hundreds of birds at twilight. This is their home.

Maureen Jones

My understanding that the fig trees have invasive roots. In regards to tree hacking well let's look at how most of the tees in the shire are pruned! Literally butchered around powerlines. It's no wonder these trees become dangerous and pose problems.

Tanya Donovan

OMG, really! Leave our trees alone. Although, I shouldn't be surprised. Those trees have been hacked, not pruned. Now, because of the people who did the job, these trees now are a possible threat to the public, as they are heavy on one side. The same problem that the trees have along President Ave.

Mandy Alexander-Gray

Who cares. Next you'll complain that your train is late due to a branch on the track.

Anthony Mikhail

Fig trees have dangerous, invasive root systems. If your neighbour has one and refuses to have it removed when it's cracking your pavement or destroying your sewer line then you know what I'm talking about.

Ian McLennan

Yeah, let's take the risk of a tree falling on the tracks or on a train because they're so much more important. And hey, there's only a few left a few kilometres away in the Royal National Park. Fair dinkum, the fuss over a few trees just amazes me me. There are literally billions of trees.

Stuart Jeff Maurice

People move to the shire for the treescape and all the council seems to do is remove them to the benefit of developers. Leave our trees alone.

Andy Mich

The poor birds. I loved hearing the lorikeets singing in this tree while passing on the train.

Debbie M Smith

The shire is turning into a concrete jungle! It does't have to be removed it can pruned.

Cailey Quinn

I grew up in Sutherland and those trees were there when I was a little girl. They are not like gum trees that snap off easily and it is not likely they would fall on the train tracks as the wind usually blows from the south or the west which would blow the trees in the opposite direction to the tracks. I'm not a Greenie and would be first to say if a tree was dangerous it needs to come down but I don't believe these trees are dangerous and it would be such a shame to lose these beautiful old shady trees that are historically a part of Sutherland.

Kathy Wood

We need our old tree. This this is our space too and in one of the hottest driest times on earth why would you cut down a shade tree - this makes no sense.

Lucy Furr