Population growth burden for St George area

Olds Park, Penshurst
Olds Park, Penshurst

We recently received a letter from Georges River Council informing us of a proposal to replace the current Low Density Residential zoning around Olds Park, Penshurst with Medium Density Residential zoning.

Nearby residents were invited to a meeting with Council members in Penshurst RSL on Saturday, September 7 to discuss the matter.

We were invited to respond by completing an online survey on the council's website. However this online survey closed at midnight September 9 - two days after the meeting.

This short timeframe didn't give ratepayers nearly enough time to formulate a response and one gets the feeling that the increase in housing density is being rushed through by council.

No doubt our council are under pressure from the Berejiklian State Government to pack more dwelling into the local area without much consideration for the impact this will have on our already busy roads.

Nobody minds sharing the burden of Sydney's growing population but clearly the St George area already carries more than its fair share of the load.

Name supplied, Penshurst