Restoration of Ramsgate Beach ready to start

Work is starting on the Ramsgate Beach renourishment project.

Neumann Contractors have now arrived on site and are setting up all their equipment before sand is starting to be pumped into the Baths.

All going well they hope to have all the equipment assembled by Saturday and undertake a test pump on Monday, October 14 and if everything goes according to plan they will start pumping sand on Tuesday.

Bayside Council is restoring the eroded section of Lady Robinsons Beach at Ramsgate Baths with 28,000 cubic metres of sand from Sandringham Bay.

Last August, the council accepted the tender of $700,000 by marine contractor Neumann Contractors Pty Ltd to do the work.

The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage has provided $245,000 for the job which the council has matched.

The RMS has provided $230,062 with a possible additional contribution of $53,600, bringing funding available for the beach restoration project to $773,662.

But the council is facing a funding shortfall of $162,792 for the total cost of the beach restoration project which it will have to provide from general reserves.