Police sweep St George in Operation Mammoth

St George police conducted Operation Mammoth for the third time within the St George Police Area Command over the weekend.

The saturation-style police operation was conducted in the suburbs of Brighton Le Sands, Rockdale, Wolli Creek and Hurstville been between 10am and 8pm on Sunday.

St George Police conduct Operation Mammoth on Sunday, October 13

There were arrests for assault, along with a number of drug detections, knives seized, random breath tests and issuing of parking and traffic infringements.

It involved more than 56 general duties officers from St George Police Area Command, Traffic and Highway Patrol Command, Police Transport Command, Marine Area Command and Dog Unit.

The operation included three phases, the first two involved random breath tests, drug dog patrols at railway stations, foot and bike patrols along the waterfront, assisted by the Marine Area Command and compliance checks.

The third phase focused on a strong police presence in the Hurstville CBD as well as licensed premises inspections.

During the operation, officers made three arrests for a range of offences, including assault, as well as drug cautions.

Officers searched a total of 30 people and one vehicle, resulting in 10 drug detections and two knives seized.

Police also issued 15 move-on directions, conducted 27 business inspections and over 750 stationary random breath tests and issued 22 infringements for rail and parking/ traffic offences.

Chief Inspector Craig James of St George Police Area Command said high visibility policing operations have been well received by the community.

"We commit police resources to special operations in an effort to make sure the community feel safe, and the feedback we're receiving is that the community certainly appreciate our presence," he said.

"The public can expect these high visibility policing operations to continue in an effort to reduce crime and increase public safety in the area."