'Blight' on landscape

Example of lomandra plantings.
Example of lomandra plantings.

This time last year, walking along Eighth Avenue, Loftus, I saw a Sutherland Shire Council planting along the curb.

Later that year, I saw the same vegetation springing up here, at Sutherland. It defied mowing, laying flat under the mower, springing up after it passed, but mainly lying flat.

As the season progressed, it died off in ugly brown plugs, which I pulled up.

This year, it's back with a vengeance, not only the lawns, but ugly seed laden plugs right through lawns and gardens.

Woronora Memorial Park (cemetery) has it now, gaining fast, already laden with wind distributed seeds. The adjacent bushland next.

Did whoever responsible at the council, for this blight, bother to check on the suitability of such a purchase? If he or she had bothered to do so then this latest curse would have been avoided.

Lomandra (I know, I know, native to Australia) privet, paspalum and many more inappropriate plantings .... when does it stop!

And "native" is not necessarily native to these areas.

Lyn Pereira