South Hurstville is home to Sydney's first Cannoleria

There's a lot of love on both side of the counter at the Piccolo Cannoli Bar.

The family-run concern in South Hurstville is Sydney's first Cannoleria - a business devoted one-hundred per cent to cannoli.

"There are other businesses that sell cannoli but they also sell other things. It's not their main product," Piccolo Cannoli owner Amber Zenere said.

"We are Sydney's only Cannoleria," Amber said.

The business uses the family recipes of Amber's mother-in-law, Nonna Angelina Zenere, 89, who came to Australia from Italy when she was five-years-old.

"Most other places in Sydney sell either vanilla, chocolate or ricotta," Amber said.

"We have 14 different flavours. Our bestseller is ricotta with pistachio. Other bestsellers are caramello and almond, coffee walnut, and mocha.

"These are our Nonna's recipes. She made them just for the family. We love them and thought other people would love them too.

"Until now most people in St George and Sutherland Shire had to go to Leichhardt, Five Dock or Haberfield to get cannoli. A lot of people are afraid to buy it there because it may have been sitting in the shop for a long time.

"Now they can stay local and come to us and see it being made.

"You have to do something special to get somebody off the couch and away from Netflix.

"Here the preparation is part of the show. It's an open kitchen and they can watch us making the ricotta.

"They choose the shell and the filling and watch it being piped in front of them. They bite into it and all you hear is, 'Oh, my God! Oh, my God!' It's like that scene from When Harry Met Sally.

"There's so much cannoli in Sydney but no love, until now.

"We have brought Nonna's family recipes and real cannoli to the southern suburbs.

"If you dropped yourself in the middle of Milan and walked down a sidestreet to try a Cannoleria this is what you would find."

Piccolo Cannoli is a family concern.

Amber's husband, Adriano, has run his business Archizen Architects from the premises at 848 King Georges Road for 20 years.

Late last year he divided the premises in two so Amber could pursue her dream of opening Sydney's first Cannoleria.

Adriano's parents, Nonno Gregorio and Nonna Angelina come into the shop every Thursday to help.

Amber's sons Zack and Blake also help in the kitchen.

And when it is really busy, Adriano comes in from the architectural business next door to lend a helping hand.

"Everybody helps when they can," Amber said.

"We were founded on a love of family and wanting to share some of it."

Piccolo Cannoli Bar, Sydney's First Cannoleria, is located at 848 King Georges Road, South Hurstville.