For many in the shire, the closure of Criniti's Kirrawee comes as no surprise

Behind the promotional shots there were underlying issues of service and pricing at Criniti's Kirrawee that did not appeal to shire diners. Picture:
Behind the promotional shots there were underlying issues of service and pricing at Criniti's Kirrawee that did not appeal to shire diners. Picture:

Too expensive, poor service, portion size issues - that's why Leader readers think Kirrawee's Criniti's restaurant ran into trouble.

The Leader reported on Tuesday that the South Village restaurant's future was in doubt as the Criniti Restaurant Group went into administration.

On Wednesday the administrators confirmed Kirrawee was one of five stores that would close to ensure the long-term sustainability of the remaining eight.

The others outlets to close were Manly, Wollongong, Brisbane and Perth.

It likely means dozens of staff will be cut.

The news that Criniti's Kirrawee was in trouble sparked hundreds of comments on the Leader's Facebook page.

Most Lerader readers weren't surprised the venue hadn't been a success.

"This restaurant deserves to close, one of the poorest in regard to food and service," Tricia Fisk posted.

Anna Docherty said: "I'm not surprised! Worse food and service ever!"

Briony Evans agreed: "Not surprised. We stopped going. Only because the service was terrible for the price."

Deanne Lancaster wrote: "I ate at the Kirrawee one and I felt like my arms were stuck to the table it was so sticky! The food was very average for the price they were charging, went once never again."

"Not a surprise. Portions far too large in an attempt to justify the prices," David Talintyre said of a couple of his visits.

Many readers thought the prices were too high for what was on offer.

"$40 for a Hawaiian pizza and $30 for a bowl of spaghetti bolognese. Predicted it wouldn't last more than a year," Brent James wrote.

"It was overpriced for the food served, and the service was terrible when we went (and we aren't overly picky people). We gave it a couple of goes and weren't impressed enough to return," Anthony May posted.

Matt Battishall wrote: "If you look at the menu the prices put you off even trying, if you had waterfront views you might be able to get away with it!"

Ryan van Veen and others thought the restaurant was in the wrong location for what it was offering.

"Usually people go somewhere nice to eat for the location. South village is far from a nice location to have a night out," Ryan said.

Catherine OBrien agreed: "Too expensive for the location. South Village is suited to reasonable n casual dining. Criniti's would be better at Cronulla".

Of the 500-plus comments there were only a handful who liked the restaurant.

Lana Rae said: "Pricey, yes, but serves were huge. We loved going there, yes service could improve but as long as good is delicious you can let that slide. I always said when dining there, they definitely invest in their brand. Cutlery, napkins, chairs etc money is well spent clearly for fit out."

Nick Holden "Yeah it's not cheap, but the food is good. I don't let 'service' have that big an impact on my experience of going somewhere for the purpose of eating."