Woolworths plans for Jannali present problems and potential

Woolworths' owned Flemings supermarket at Jannali is earmarked for development. Picture: John Veage
Woolworths' owned Flemings supermarket at Jannali is earmarked for development. Picture: John Veage

Re the article "Woolies big Jannali plans: Proposal to buy council-owned car park" (Leader, November 20).

The last thing that Jannali needs is a giant car park.

Doing this will turn the whole shopping area into one gigantic carpark! And who knows the scale and size of what Woolworths has proposed in their secret meeting with council the other night. It is just not feasible or practical for the location.

Jannali didn't need an expensive and unnecessary station upgrade. It was already street accessible, and had been previously upgraded. Como desperately needed the upgrade - but no-one listened!

And why are there so many vacant shops at Jannali? What are the landlords charging people? A car park won't fix that!

And the road is already congested during peak periods, because the traffic lights and overpass stop the flow of traffic. But the bigger problem is of how and where to cross over the railway line. The overpass is not big enough to accommodate more traffic. And Sutherland is already a joke. And don't get me started on the mess at the Princes Highway southbound intersection, which has been progressing at a snails pace for over 12 months.

And Woolworths at Jannali is one of the worst shops in Sydney. Woolworths bought the store 10 years ago but they still have not bothered to remove the Flemmings signage.

Local and state governments need to sort out this traffic mess first, before any more development is done at Jannali.

Jason Dullow, Jannali

It is about time Woolies has stepped up to the mark about redevelopment for Jannali.

Here is a unique opportunity for the State Government, Sutherland Shoire Council, and private enterprise to combine to put Jannali on the map.

The council should allow Woolies to create a larger car park on the condition that this car park is underground and an active/passive park is created on top of this car park and of course remains in council hands.

This would allow the residents in Union Place that overlook the carpark a pleasant view from their apartments. If Woolworths is savvy enough they could have shops facing both the carpark "park" and Box Rd.

I am sure that the council's talented team of landscape architects and engineers can create a wonderful development.

Please don't build another ugly carpark like the one behind the Sutherland Services club.

I am sure Eleni Petinos has more respect for her Jannali constituents than to allow another monstrosity to be built.

Ivan Noacco