Council recommends refusal of Sylvania townhouse-villa development application

Residents have good reason to be fighting a proposed townhouse-villa development at Sylvania based on a council assessment.

Sutherland Shire Council planning staff gave 17 grounds for why the development application (DA) for two blocks at 51-53 Melrose Avenue should be refused.

Their report will be considered by Sutherland Shire Local Planning Panel, which is due to determine the DA on December 3.

The proposal comprises 11 two storey and one one-storey homes.

The council report said the development failed to meet requirements of the the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act in multiple ways, starting with poor site design, resulting in unacceptable bulk, scale and massing.

Other failings included the design was not consistent with the streetscape and neighbourhood character of the zone, exceeded the prescribed maximum building height, fell short on landscaping ratio and intruded on the privacy of neighbouring homes.

The DA was submitted in December 2018 after a pre-DA meeting at which the council expressed concerns about a number of issues.

Revised plans were lodged mid-year, but the council found the changes inadequate.