Funky market will trade trash from Cronulla beaches for second-hand items or a beer at Northies

A community festival to be held at Cronulla this weekend will see volunteers trading litter they collect from beaches for second-hand clothing and other items, or a beer from Northies.

The funky market, called Seaside Scavenge, will be held on December 8 between 9am and 1pm in Dunningham Park.

Organised by Sustainable Organisations (SO) Shire, the event follows a successful clean-up at Kurnell in July this year.


More than 70 volunteers of all ages took part in that clean-up, and organisers are inviting shire residents to back up, or get involved for the first time, this weekend.

Litter will be traded for tokens, which will be accepted at Northies hotel and pop-up stalls selling pre-loved goods.

The festival will also have sustainable community and social enterprise stalls, including Boomerang Bags, a coffee mug library and musical instruments made out of recycled trash items.

For younger children, there will be life-size wooden games such as an huge Connect Four, thanks to Caringbah Craft Centre (Sylvanvale), and colouring activities.

There will be live music by local groups, including Junkyard Beats.

Prizes have been given by Cronulla businesses, including he Allness Centre, Cronulla Surfing Academy, Mr Paisleys Cafe, Tscudo and beer tokens by Northies.

Donations of good quality clothes, books or toys can be made in advance. Contact Sarah-Jo Lobwein on 0414763269 for drop-off details.

Sydney Water and Sutherland Shire Council are supporting the event.