Time to get water wise

Tougher rules: Watering gardens with a hose will be banned from December 10 when Level 2 restrictions start. Picture: Adam McLean
Tougher rules: Watering gardens with a hose will be banned from December 10 when Level 2 restrictions start. Picture: Adam McLean

RE the article "Hose ban brought forward: Level 2 restrictions start December 10" (Leader, November 27).

Why wait till December 10th? My neighbor continuously is wasting water, washing his car every few days and watering his grass and hosing his fence. Some people have no consideration for everyone else.


Too bloody late ! Should have been months ago.

Dermot O'Daly

I use grey water on my garden save all excess water from showers and also catch the water from washing machine when I can.

Rachel Little

Everyone can be water smart. But water supplies need to be created for everyone and water tanks must be installed in every apartment and house.

Helen Pidoulas

I live in units an am gobsmacked at the number of people who regularly hose down their cars during these past smoky weeks.

I commented once and had my head snapped off.

Kerri-Ann Farr

I am a city slicker who has made the move to rural NSW. I have made the decision to use tubs in my sink for washing up, the water then gets put on the garden also we do not flush the toilet after doing a pee, following the old, "if it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down". As far as the main garden goes it has to survive on its own resources.

Diane Brooks

The fines are not enough. In our area people sweep the paths with a hose. Higher fines and turning back their water supply to the house to help them understand what water restrictions are.

Bronwyn Newman

So I can't use a hose to water my trees which help lower urban temperatures and combat climate change but other people in my neighbourhood can use a hose to fill their private pools?

Heather Davidson

I've never watered any of my garden, my grass isn't that bad and the plants that are natives (and free from the council) are thriving. Have only ever watered when first planted. What's with watering grass and footpaths when we have so little water?

Brook Cazzie

Is anybody surprised Warragamba Dam our main water source started in 1960 when Sydney's population was less than half of what is is today. Sure we have built a desalination plant but that only supplies Sydney 15 per cent of its water.

Jason Mercimek

Here is a suggestion to help curb our ever increasing water usage. How about we stop over populating Sydney. Too late now though, the damage is done.

Adam Barnes

They have introduced millions of new dwellings in Sydney in the last 50 years -not one major power or water facility has been built. The desal plant couldn't even flush all the toilets in Sydney at the same time. Wake up and plan some proper services or stop approving new dwellings greedy governments with no insight putting restrictions on our services because of their lack of planing.

Andrew Kark

Re council use of water. Councils in Sydney started installing stormwater basins years ago, they divert the stormwater drains into olympic swimming pool sized reservoirs underneath the parks and use that to keep the parks green which means they are independent of the water supply. You'll know when they have run out of water because they will not water them anywhere near as frequently.

Matthew L Selby

It didn't seem that long ago that we were cheering that Warragamba Dam was full!

Jillie Esdaile-Watts

One of the requirements by Sydney Water will be to clean your cars using a bucket. In that event, you need to be careful in case the bucket scratches the duco.

Paul Hunt