Welcome to blight on beach

Brighton-le-Sands Beach is still strewn with rubbish after the weekend's extreme storm.

A St George resident took these photos of rubbish is strewn along the beach at the end of Rowley Street this morning and yesterday.

"I've been going down to the beach for 42 years and this is the worst I have ever seen it," said the resident, Mr Findlay.

"It's absolutely disgusting. I've never seen it so dirty.

"I counted 60 plastic straws. I picked up 13 syringes and threw them in the bin. I didn't want them laying around," he said.

"A council beach sweeper was working for about an hour yesterday cleaning up the rubbish and a couple of local residents were bagging it up but it is a big job.

"Part of the problem is that Sydney Water never cleans out their traps at Muddy Creek and it just overflows the rubbish barriers then it rains."

Mr Findlay said the dirty conditions haven't put off swimmers.

"There were at least three kids swimming this morning," he said.

"There used to be signs along the beach after a storm saying it was unsafe to swim for three days after heaving rain but they were nowhere to be seen."

A Bayside Council spokesman said council staff have been working tirelessly to clean up after the recent storms.

"On Monday, February 10, Council staff took over 640 calls reporting damage around the Bayside LGA," the spokesman said.

"Council is working in partnership with Sydney Water, Ausgrid and the SES on the most urgent cases. It will take some weeks for the clean up to be completed."