Rank action by Uber drivers flags complaints

Bayside Council has been urged to take action on the use by Uber drivers of streets around Arncliffe and Wolli Creek as a "taxi rank" for the airport.

The drivers are parking in streets on the east side of Wolli Creek, particularly Gertrude Street, Innesdale Road and Levey Street, Councillor Ed McDougall told last week's council meeting.

"Basically, Uber has designated this area as a taxi rank for the airport which is really nice of them to do that to our local roads," Cr McDougall said.

"There's nowhere to stop and this means that a whole bunch of people are double-parking at all hours of the day.

"The airport is operating from 7am to 11pm. They (the drivers) are there all the time. It is making life difficult for residents.

"We need to get in touch with Uber and hopefully get a resolution."

Cr McDougall asked for a report on actions taken by the council regarding the use by Uber of Innesdale Road, Gertrude Street and Levey Street, and how many fines have been issued this year to vehicles double parking in these streets.

"Has council been in contact with Uber regarding the use of Bayside's local streets?" Cr McDougall said.

"What actions can council take to restrict Uber from direction vehicles to idle in these streets."

There have been numerous reports of double parking, speeding down the road and even drivers urinating in public

One post on the Wolli Creek Community Facebook site said: "I was wondering what can we do for all these Uber drivers not only parking on all spots but double parking, blocking driveways and parking illegally. They are becoming even aggressive when someone tries to talk to them.

I don't want them not to park around Wolli Creek, I just want what is fair and then to follow the traffic laws."


"Wolli Creek has all sorts of inconsiderate drivers and Uber drivers. They stop, parking pretty much everywhere they want with just a hazard light button.I wish police and council could come more often."

But another post said, "For most Wolli Creek residents it's cheaper to catch an Uber, or even walk, then to jump on the train for 1 or 2 stations to the airport."