Median strip causes growing concerns for mobility scooter pensioners

Mobility scooter users John and Rosemary Willis are too worried to attempt crossing Port Hacking Road, Miranda, outside their home because unmown grass on the median strip obscures their view of oncoming traffic.

Mr Willis said at its worst the grass can get to 1.5 metres high causing a danger to motorists as well as pedestrians.

He said there are near-misses several times a week particularly for people turning into Junction Street or doing a U-turn.

"They simply can't see the traffic coming the other way," he said.

"We have lived here for 25 years for the past 10 years I have reported the problem at least once a year," Mr Willis said.

"I contact the RMS (now Transport for NSW) and they come out and mow the grass on the median strip.

"The last time they did it was last year. But it has cropped up again and a friend of ours had a near miss the other day turning right into Junction Street when she was coming to visit us.

"People sitting in low cars have their view obscured by the grass when it gets too high.

"It would be much easier to permanently seal the median strip."

Transport for NSW has been approached for comment.