Max spent four years growing his hair to help others

When Max Christoforou went to the Sydney Children's Hospital for day-surgery four years ago, it left a lasting impression on the young boy.

Then aged just six, Max was moved by the sight of a young girl with no hair who was undergoing chemotherapy.

"Maxy questioned why this little girl had no hair," said mum, Amanda Pratt.

"I explained to him that she had cancer and was trying to get better, but the medicine made her lose her hair.

"He was upset and asked when she would get her hair back. I told him that she has to wait for her hair to grow back, or people can donate their hair and then they make a wig that looks like normal hair for her to wear.

"He said 'I want to grow my hair so sick kids don't have to be bald'."

From that day on, Max has been growing his hair, with the full support of his parents, despite some hard times.

"He has been made fun of and teased at times for having long hair, but he keeps telling me he thinks about how he is going to make someone so happy with his hair," Amanda said.

Not content with just donating his hair, Max, now 10, decided he wanted to take part in the Leukaemia Foundation's World's Greatest Shave and set himself a fundraising target of $10,000.

The big day finally came on March 14, when Kareela Village shopping centre hosted Max's World's Greatest Shave event.

Billy Hammoud from Billy's Barber Shop was on hand to shear off his locks, while centre management also jumped on board, organising activities, and Stapleton's Quality Meats donated the meat for a sausage sizzle.

There was also a raffle.

Max has so far raised $8,967 of his $10,000 goal. To make a donation click here.