Giant Alyce Parker optimistic about AFLW's return from COVID-19 pandemic

Alyce Parker is confident AFLW will return, despite concerns of a financial fallout from the coronavirus.
Alyce Parker is confident AFLW will return, despite concerns of a financial fallout from the coronavirus.

Star Giant Alyce Parker says she has no concerns about the future of the AFLW competition.

It comes as the league looks towards the financial fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has already impacted both the men's and women's seasons.

While some fear the crisis could impact the fate of the AFLW, Parker said she's confident players will return to the field for another season.

"I have no concerns for the future of AFLW," Parker said.

"It might possibly look different in the first few months, whenever that may be, but I think it'll be back and bigger than ever.

"In these crazy times, it might take a bit of time to get back to that level."

Greater Western Sydney bowed out of the AFLW semi-finals to Melbourne by three points.

However, no winner was recorded this season, with the coronavirus seeing the competition shut down early.

Parker admitted it was an unfortunate way for the season to end.

"It was sad and it was obviously a very abrupt end to the season," Parker said.

"There were a lot of procedures put in place for us to come to a decision as to how the finals were going to look.

"It was obvious that the whole league wanted a result, but we also knew by having that three week finals series in place that there was the risk that the pin could be pulled, which is exactly what happened.

"There's much bigger things going on in the world than football at the moment and I think everyone's aware of that.

"Football's fun, but it's not as important as your family and your health."

Parker has now returned home to the family farm in Holbrook.

Study and life on the farm are set to keep her busy while away from the football field.

"I like to come home in the off season as much as I can," she said.

"For the next few weeks or months I'll just be back home doing what I like to do best, which is being on the farm with mum and dad.

"Hopefully in time, when things settle down, I'll also catch up with family and friends and get ready for the next season."

Football has been put on hold until at least May 31.

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