Updated | Cronulla beaches closed and barricades erected on dangerous sections

Update Tuesday:

All Cronulla beaches have been closed as strong winds and heavy swells continue to affect much of the coastline.

A spokesman for Sutherland Shire Council said on Monday evening the Ocean Safety and Lifeguard Service Unit was assessing erosion on beaches from Cronulla to Wanda and barricading those areas deemed to pose a safety risk.

"It is envisaged at this stage that all council monitored beaches will be closed for the next few days, with challenging conditions expected to continue to bear down upon much of the state's coastline," he said.

Earlier - Monday

Huge seas on the weekend caused extensive erosion along Cronulla beaches for the second time in three months.

Thousands of cubic metres of sand were sucked out to sea by the pounding waves.

Waves crashed over sections of the Esplanade, with water knee-deep in the outside section of Zimzala restaurant at high tide on Friday night.

The beach in front of the surf club was washed away and boulders, previously used in retaining walls, lay exposed along the beach.

Sand cliffs were left by the receding tide at Wanda beach.

The big waves saw some spectacular surfing, with thousands of spectators enjoying the action.

A group of 10 people was enjoying a meal in the outside area of Zimzala restaurant when, during high tide at 9 o'clock on Friday night, waves were washing under the drop-down plastic screens.

"We tend to get a bit stressed over this sort of thing, but the customers were having a wonderful time," said proprietor Ray Nelson.

"They had their shoes off and were enjoying the whole experience.

"A massive wave hit while they were eating [Ray's wife] Narelle's world-famous white chocolate and caramel cheesecake.

"Someone's bag went floating by and a slice of cheesecake disappeared out into the ocean.

"While we got wet, it's not like the 2016 storm when we had 500 kilo benches on the Esplanade smashing against the walls like battering rams. They have since been bolted down."