Call to end Bonna Point vandalism

Angry with car hoons constantly tearing up the turf next to the Bonna Point boat ramp, Kurnell resident John Hall is calling on Sutherland Shire Council to erect permanent barricades around the park.

Mr Hall photographed the damage done last week to recently laid turf next to the boat ramp.

"The hoons come in at all hours of the night churning up the park. They start at around 10.30pm at night and it is open slather," he said.

"Because there is a large parking area, they do wheelies and donuts and churn up the turf and the pathways get covered in mud.

"They even drive over removable barriers and onto the beach.

"We can ring the police but by the time they arrive the hoons are long gone," he said.

"The council has spent hundreds-of-thousands of dollars on the area over the years and just as soon as work is completed the hoons come back and tear it up."

Mr Hall said the council can't put boom gates at the boat ramp as the boat users access it at all times of the day and night.

"But I don't know why the council doesn't put in permanent barriers where the turf is."

Sutherland Shire Council is mindful of the heightened risk of antisocial behaviour at Bonna Point Reserve and surrounding areas, and has taken proactive steps to address this issue.

"Council has engaged in extensive consultation with local residents to ensure that their concerns are adequately addressed," a council spokesperson said.

"Sutherland Shire Mayor, Councillor Carmelo Pesce, Ward Councillors and council staff recently met with local residents in response to specific complaints of anti-social behaviour.

"A number of measures have been adopted as a result, including the installation of three additional CCTV cameras, and a range of traffic management measures under investigation to act as a deterrent to hoon activity.

"Working in close consultation with the Kurnell Progress and Precinct Committee, Sutherland Shire Council continues to liaise with NSW Police to ensure that any reports of anti-social behaviour are appropriately investigated. It is critical that local residents report all instances of suspected criminal or anti-social behaviour to NSW Police or Crimestoppers."