Tiny dancers glad to be back inside dance studios after coronavirus restrictions

They are the tiny dancers who were left heartbroken when their dance classes were shut down due to coronavirus restrictions.

Now they are happy to be back inside their dance schools, albeit with some tough new restrictions.

Dance schools across St George and Sutherland Shire started welcoming back students on June 13 and dance teachers say they are happy to be back.

While many dance schools resorted to virtual dance lessons using platforms such as Zoom, for many, they were no match for traditional classes.

Ettingshausens dance theatre and martial arts studio's Natalie Ettingshausen said students, teachers and parents were thrilled to be back.

"Kids and parents were so happy they can come back to class.They all said how much they had missed their teachers," she said.

Ms Ettingshausen said younger students in particular gained many skills beyond dance from taking part in classes.

"They are excellent for preschoolers as they need to socialise whilst learning," she said.

"With remote learning and not being in a classroom, we were concerned about the delay in reaching gross and fine motor milestones."

But she said there were some upsides of virtual dance classes.

"They've been online taking classes and as a by-product have learnt not only dance but many additional skills," she said.

"Through Zoom learning many learnt to talk to the camera, introduce themselves, engage in conversation with the teacher, developed confidence over time, spotlight function meant taking turns, adapting to a new version of learning, spatial awareness at home and coping in a new environment."

AP Performers principal Alecia Picken said it was exciting to welcome their students back.

"The energy was magic in the studio and the smiles were priceless," she said. "It was a great atmosphere."

She said staff were following all necessary guidelines regarding hygiene and social distancing.

"We have marked out our studio following the guidelines and have all requirements in place to ensure the safety of dancers.

"Cleaning the studio will take place during lessons."

They have also added hand sanitiser stations, asked students to bring all their own equipment and have asked parents to wait outside.