Shaoquett Moselmane denies allegations behind federal police raid and declares 'political lynching has begun'

NSW upper house MP and former Rockdale mayor Shaoquett Moselmane says he is not a suspect in a federal police investigation and has done nothing wrong, but "a political lynching has begun".

"An investigation is into certain other people, allegedly advancing the goals of a foreign government, namely the Peoples Republic of China," he said in a videoed statement at State Parliament on Monday.

"I'm not sure what those goals are."

Australian Federal Police (AFP) raided Mr Moselmane's Rockdale home and parliamentary office on Friday, reportedly as part of a joint investigation with ASIO into allegations Chinese government agents had infiltrated the MP's office in order to influence Australian politics.

Mr Moselmane has been a strong supporter of the Chinese government, including its handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr Moselmane said, according to what he has been told, this was a federal police investigation.

"I have never been introduced to, or made aware of, any ASIO officers be that at my home, or in my parliamentary office during the execution of search warrants," he said.

"I have cooperated and will continue to with the investigation subject to legal advice."

Mr Moselmane said he was "under no illusion that this is a serious investigation, the first of its kind."

"Precedents will be set and lives changed," he said.

"Sadly, the political lynching has already commenced.

"Let me tell you, I have done nothing wrong. I have done nothing wrong.

"I have never jeopardised the welfare of our country and our people.

"In a democracy, you are taught to express your views ,and what views I expressed on China and its leadership's handling of the coronavirus were consistent with those of President Trump and Vice President Pence as well as the World Health Organisation."

Mr Moselmane said it was clear a political witch-hunt was underway and he asked the media to treat his family with respect.

He said his "very sick 83-year-old father" lives next door.

"The past few days had been tough and traumatic," he said.

Mr Moselmane said he had never been in Labor's shadow cabinet, nor privy to any state secrets.

Mr Moselmane said he would seek leave from Parliament during the investigation.

Both the government and Labor leader Jodi McKay have stated they will seek to have Mr Moselmane suspended from Parliament until the matter has been resolved, but the next sitting is in August.

State Labor MP for Kogarah Chris Minns supported the suspension move.

"These are very serious matters and are of great concern to the Parliament and the Labor Party," he said.

"Given the circumstances the only reasonable action is to suspend Mr Moselmane pending the outcome of these inquiries.

"Despite the fact that I won't get a vote, as Mr Moselmane is in the upper house chamber, I do support the actions of our parliamentary leader Jodi McKay."