200 metre long wharf at Kurnell in plans for restored ferry service

Detailed plans for new wharves at Kurnell and La Perouse to support the return of a ferry service and other maritime operations have been released.

The proposed wharf at Kurnell would extend about 200 metres from the shore, while the La Perouse wharf would be 100 metres long.

They would take about two years to build.

Transport for NSW is managing the ferry wharves aspect of the Kamay Botany Bay National Park Kurnell Master Plan, which is being developed by the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment.

A State Significant Infrastructure scoping report has been lodged and is publicly available on the department's website.

"Transport for NSW expects the Environmental Impact Statement will be available for public exhibition in early 2021 and planning approval will be required prior to the start of construction," a spokesman said.

"Market soundings are being conducted with potential ferry operators to inform design development, however an appropriate operating model is still being determined."

The scoping report said the proposal would allow the reinstatement of the ferry service which ended in 1974 following a heavy storm.

"It would help connect La Perouse and Kurnell via an alternative means other than road," the report said.

"It would also provide temporary mooring for commercial vessels and recreational boating."

The report said the new wharves would support a reintroduction of a passenger ferry service and a range of commercial and recreational vessel sizes.

Land side amenities would be built to make the service an enjoyable and efficient customer experience.

Ferries would berth overnight and refuel at a separate location,yet to be confirmed.

"The proposed wharf at La Perouse would extend about 100 metres from the shore," the report said.

"It would include a main berth platform for commercial vessels, including the ferries.

"It may also include a lower level platform for recreational vessels.

"The proposed wharf at Kurnell would extend about 200 metres from the shore. It would have the same features as the La Perouse wharf. It would take about two years to build the proposal."