Koala carnage on Sutherland Shire roads continues

Another koala has been killed at the notorious koala kill spot at Deadmans Creek crossing on Heathcote Road, Sandy Point this week.

Last Monday, a Sandy Point resident picked up another koala victim of vehicle strike which was taken into Wires care but did not subsequently survive.

This follows a report on September 15 of a semi trailer hitting a koala in the same location.

The latest death follows the video of a resident of a koala carrying a joey wandering down the centre of a Sandy Point street on September 23.

And yet another resident reported that he had taken an injured koala to a local vet a few weeks earlier.

Georges River Environmental Alliance secretary Dr Sharyn Cullis has written to Sutherland Shire Council saying it was time for the council to take decisive action.

"Flashing digital koala signage (as used by Campbelltown Council) a speed limited zone to 50kms for the koala fatality crossing point at Deadmans Creek after dark and speed cameras should be stalled immediately," she said.

"Thereafter, Council should lead in the coordination of a combined interagency approach, involving Transport NSW and the Australian Army who are a primary land management agency in the vicinity, Liverpool Council and the interested community.

"A koala underpass is perhaps part of the solution.

"My husband and I are property owners and ratepayers in the Sutherland Shire and we are exceptionally distressed by the fact that koalas are being killed crossing roads within the Shire.

"We note that there are four particular road kill 'hotspots' within the shire, that have been identified in an excellent report produced by Sutherland Shire Environment Centre (SSEC).

"That report makes clear the types of action that can be implemented to address this problem.

"We regard those actions as achievable, and if implemented are likely to significantly protect the southern Sydney Koala population, which unlike so many in the state of NSW is healthy, breeding and in need of safe pathways so as to re-populate areas that would have been once part of its home range..

"Up to six koalas were killed at Deadmans Creek bridge, Heathcote Road in the year up to October 2018, arguably the most deadly spot of all.

"Here we are in late 2020, and the dreadful koala carnage on Sutherland Shire roads continues."