Scott loved performance cars - now he is trying to save our streets from car hoons

ACTION: Bayside resident Scott and his mother. Photo: JOHN VEAGE.

ACTION: Bayside resident Scott and his mother. Photo: JOHN VEAGE.

Scott in his 1995 Nissan Skyline R33.

Scott in his 1995 Nissan Skyline R33.

Bayside resident Scott loved performance cars.

In his 20s he drove a turbo-powered Nissan Skyline R33 for about eight years until he had an accident.

Recently he joined the Peaceful Streets Action Group: Bayside and Surrounds which has been formed to pressure the State Government to intervene and stop car hoons from tearing up the Bayside area.

"There is a difference between a car enthusiast and a hoon," Scott said.

"A hoon is someone who is antisocial and who tries to draw attention to themselves for the wrong reasons."

"A car enthusiast is someone who appreciates cars, particularly high-powered cars or rare or vintage cars and also respects their community."

Scott said his is a story of a car enthusiast.

"You can be a car enthusiast without being a disturbance. I'd like to get the message across to the community," he said.

"There are people who indulge in antisocial behaviour in their cars and there are members of the community who love cars but want to do the right thing.

"Bayside residents may benefit from knowing this. That's why I joined the Peaceful Streets Action Group. I aim to bring harmony into the community."

Scott said that now it is more important than ever to bring harmony into the battle between the community and the car hoons.

"There are members of the Bayside community who want to start vigilante groups against car hoons," he said.

"They have been filming the hoons doing burnouts down at Brighton.

"Some of those hoons stop their cars and come back to the people who have filmed them and intimate them.

"Part of the reason I joined the peaceful action group was that both me and my mother, Faye, have almost been hit in separate incidents by speeding car hoons in our street.

"These guys like to speed and they don't slow down. One day someone in our street is going to be hit."

Faye has her own message for car hoons.

"Just for a few seconds of joy do you want to kill me or make me disabled forever," she said.

"I like to enjoy life just like you, so be safe and follow the road rules. Don't break them."

Scott added, "I liked performance (turbo-powered) cars. I like the feel and power of them.

"When I had a turbo car, it was probably my worst driving record during that time.

"I had an accident when I took my eye off the road for a second and back-ended the car in front. My car didn't survive. The front was totally crushed.

"My turbo car days were over. Now I drive a Hyundai i130 hatchback, totally the other end of the spectrum.

"The overall message is harmony.

"We should understand whether you are someone who appreciates cars, there's nothing wrong with that, but respect your community.

"Don't do burnouts; remember the community doesn't want them.

"They want more family-friendly and safe roads."

The Peaceful Streets Action Group: Bayside and Surrounds Facebook site is at: