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What are safe teeth whitening procedures for kids?

What are safe teeth whitening procedures for kids?
What are safe teeth whitening procedures for kids?

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Dental care should ideally start at a young age. However, as children grow, their teeth tend to turn yellow over time due to excessive consumption of soft drinks, lollies, and lack of proper dental care.

Though many parents look for teeth whitening procedures for their children, the standard for these procedures are entirely different from that of adults. That's why it's essential to visit a dentist to inquire about safe teeth whitening procedures for kids.

To help with this process, this article can provide some of the research regarding a few safe teeth whitening procedures for children.

1. Use a safe teeth whitening toothpaste

There are several brands of teeth whitening toothpaste in the market on any given day. Toothpaste with ingredients like baking soda and hydrogen peroxide are quite effective. Make sure to choose a product that has an approval seal from the Australian Dental Association, so that it's safe for your child.

To ensure that the enamel of your child's teeth does not become damaged, you can also use tooth mousse. The ingredients in a tooth mousse help re-mineralise the enamel layer of the teeth, thus preventing any harmful effects. However, it's advisable to take your dentist's advice before using these products.

2. Regularly clean your kids' teeth

Getting your child's teeth cleaned professionally can also be a safe teeth whitening procedure for your child. Professional teeth cleaning is a great way to get rid of the discoloration and tartar that has built up on the enamel's surface. For sensitive teeth, the doctor will perform a cleaning procedure using fluoride. This is a beneficial procedure for children, since fluoride helps restore natural minerals, which help build strong teeth and prevent cavities.

What are safe teeth whitening procedures for kids?
What are safe teeth whitening procedures for kids?

3. Use lemon and baking soda

Lemon and baking soda are two ingredients that are known for their stain removal properties and can be used as a safe and natural tooth whitening procedure. However, be careful. Lemon is highly acidic, and the stain removal property of lemon can also damage the enamel.

That's why it's important to ensure that this procedure is performed only when absolutely necessary. To whiten your child's teeth, mix a small portion of baking soda and lemon juice together, then brush it on the teeth. Leave the mixture on the teeth for a minute or two. Then rinse thoroughly with water. Make sure that you don't leave the mixture on for a long time as this may damage the enamel of your child's teeth.

4. Regular brushing and flossing

Brushing and flossing your child's teeth regularly ensures that plaque is removed from the teeth. Plaque turns into tartar over time, which is one of the key reasons for tooth discoloration. Plaque is calcified, which then becomes tartar, giving the yellowish color to your child's teeth. Brushing your child's teeth twice a day can help prevent the buildup of plaque over time. It's one way to prevent the discoloration from ever beginning.

Tips to prevent teeth damage

  • Don't use teeth whitening strips - Over-the-counter teeth whitening products shouldn't be used for children. This is especially true because there isn't enough research on the effect of teeth whitening agents, such as bleach, on children's teeth. This means teeth-whitening strips are not meant for children. Most teeth whitening strips contain high levels of hydrogen peroxide that can whiten the teeth, but can also lead to tooth sensitivity and the harming of teeth enamel. If a child uses such products without adult supervision or proper guidance, there can be permanent enamel damage to the child's teeth. Only in extreme circumstances should teeth whitening strips be used in a child's mouth. It should also be with the guidance of a parent or guardian only, and all instructions in the package should be accurately followed in order to avoid any damage to the teeth.
  • Avoid foods that stain the teeth - One of the key reasons for tooth decay and discoloration comes from food and drinks that are high in sugar. Assorted berries, tomato sauce, and soft drink can do serious damage to your child's teeth when consumed regularly because they are high in sugar and citric acid. A balanced diet that moderates sugary or acidic foods is one of the simplest yet most essential steps towards preventing tooth decay and discoloration.


There are several easy and safe procedures for whitening your children's teeth. You can use a whitening toothpaste specifically made for children. Additionally, make sure they brush their teeth twice a day, and floss regularly. Watch your child's diet. Monitor their intake of sugary and acidic foods or beverages. For a home remedy, try using a mixture of lemon and baking soda but be cautious about its use. Also, always keep up with a regular teeth cleaning schedule with your dentist. These ideas are sure to help your children's optimal dental health.

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