Buy, sell, rent: your real estate search made easy

New, quick way to search the property market

Looking to buy, sell or rent a house or unit? Now you can scout the market - anywhere in Australia - from the homepage of our website.

Through our joint venture with, we've been able to add a property search widget to the homepage. Scroll down our website to the property section to find it, type in the postcode of the area you're interested in, and hit the orange search button.

You'll be linked through to's comprehensive property directory and a listing of all the houses or units that match your search criteria. Do your own market research and then click to contact an agent to find out more.

While you're there, you can find out what your own property is worth (or check out those in your neighbourhood) with the price estimator tool. Click on the "Price Estimator" link in the top navigation bar and simply type in the address of the property. Within seconds you'll be given a potential value, plus a list of similar properties in the area for comparison.

The price estimator tool is powered by leading data analytics service CoreLogic and even comes with advice on how reliable the value is considered. If you'd like to follow up with a property appraisal, that's only a click away, too.

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ACM, publisher of this website and Australia's biggest regional news brand, entered a joint venture with in October.

Established in 2001, is one of the country's most visited real estate portals, with a monthly audience of 1.5 million.

The businesses will collectively invest $100 million over five years to build a market-leading, multi-faceted property media and data business.

As a result of the partnership, agents and vendors are now able to bundle their print advertising in leading ACM newspapers and listings on the national property portal with targeted marketing through the Today Acquire tool.

ACM executive chairman Antony Catalano said the bundling option provided a "one-stop shop" that spoke to buyers "at all stages of their purchase cycle".