Don't delay getting poor hearing checked: audiology professional

Listen up: Campbelltown audiologist Heena Khan says it's vitally important to keep your hearing in check. Head in store to learn more.
Listen up: Campbelltown audiologist Heena Khan says it's vitally important to keep your hearing in check. Head in store to learn more.

Do you find yourself turning up the TV louder than ever before, or reading lips because you can't make out people's voices?

These are signs you need to get your hearing checked.

New statistics from Specsavers has revealed about 20 per cent of people aged 40 or above have experienced hearing loss in the past three years, and just over half of those people chose to leave their hearing loss untreated.

Specsavers audiology professional Heena Khan said it was important to consider hearing issues as important as sight issues.

"Statistics have shown that people are being affected with hearing loss younger and younger, and it is important to make hearing checks part of your regular check-ups, along with eye checks, dental checks and everything else," she said.

"Over the age of 40 you start to see the signs of people turning up the TV louder, asking people to repeat what they've said in conversation, or lip reading. These are the signs you need to look out for and come and see us if you're noticing some deterioration in your hearing."

Ms Khan said there were even broader impacts to leaving your hearing unchecked.

"Long-term, if we continue to let this problem go and not do anything about it, there are a lot of emotional impact on people's lives," she said.

"They withdraw from group settings and don't go to places where they have to concentrate to hear conversation. They can avoid that by having a yearly health check - it's never too late, but waiting longer makes it harder to treat.

"We know that on average, it takes Australians seven-10 years to acknowledge they have hearing loss before taking action so we are encouraging Shire and St George locals to be vigilant about hearing checks to make sure they receive the support they need, when they need it."

Ms Heena said there was no need to be worried about the look of hearing aids, if that's what your hearing loss required, as the technology had progressed a lot.

"Hearing aids have come a long way and they're a lot more discreet than they used to be," she said.

"With a lot of them you wouldn't even know they're there. We have quite a few different styles at Specsavers for people who are conscious about others seeing them."

Ms Heena said Specsavers began offering hearing checks in March last year, and offer screening as part of regular health checks for anyone over 40 who comes through the door.

"You get a hearing screen as part of what we do, at no charge," she said.

"It's been great, a lot of people come in are really amazed by that. Eyes and ears are covered in a one-stop-shop."