The Target store at Westfield Miranda is set to close

No more Target: The Target store at Miranda will close and be replaced by Kmart.
No more Target: The Target store at Miranda will close and be replaced by Kmart.


The decision to close the Target store at Miranda and convert it into a Kmart store was made late last year.

A Kmart spokeswoman said conversion works would begin in March.

"Our teams will be busy transforming the store after that. We can't wait to bring it to life and to share it with the local community," she said.

"Kmart Miranda [will] be officially opening their doors to the community in April."

Target announced in May last year that it would be closing many of its stores permanently and converting others to Kmart stores in a business update posted on its website.

At the time, it provided a list of stores to either permanently close or be converted. Miranda was not on that list and has been quietly added since then.

The spokeswoman said the approved conversion of Target Miranda was announced to its teams in November and added to the website then.

"When we announced the store changes to the Target network in May 2020 it was announced that between 10 and 40 Target large format stores were converting to Kmart subject to landlord negotiations," she said.

The spokeswoman said she would not confirm staff retention and recruitment numbers "at this stage", but all team members had been offered the opportunity to join the Kmart family.


The Target store at Westfield Miranda will close early this year and the premises converted into a Kmart.

A business update posted on the Target website said a number of stores would be leaving "the Target family".

The update appears to be the same one posted in May 2020 when news first broke of the closures but the list of affected stores has changed.

Neither Target or its parent company Wesfarmers had made an official announcement about the extra closures.

At the time of the original announcement, Miranda was not on the list of stores slated for closure or conversion.

But a search today of stores to be converted into Kmart lists Miranda, with the conversion slated to take place at the start of this year.

Target's business update said: "You may have heard about changes that have been announced regarding the future of Target.

"As a result of these changes, a number of our stores will be leaving the Target family.

"Some of these stores will be converting to Kmart and, sadly, some will be closing."

"We understand these closures will affect a lot of people in the Target community and we appreciate your patience and understanding during these challenging times.

"We are committed to providing every opportunity for redeployment for our team members who will be affected by these changes.

"We are proud to have a rich history as an Australian company and we are committed to serving you, our valued customers, now and into the future."

A post on the Wesfarmers website in May said it had announced significant changes to the Target and Kmart store networks "with the aim of making Target more commercially viable".

"A number of actions will be taken over the next year to address the unsustainable financial performance of Target and accelerate the growth of Kmart, including the conversion of a number of Targets to Kmart stores and the closure of Target stores not suited for conversion," the post said.

"Since announcing this change, Wesfarmers and Kmart Group have received many messages of concern but also recognition that businesses need to be sustainable in the long term.

"Target has struggled for many years and has incurred very significant losses. In its current form, it is not viable. Its costs are too high, including the cost of operating and supplying a large network of physical stores in regional Australia of varying sizes stocking varying ranges.

"Over the last decade, Target has also faced significant competition from new international retailers, online retailers and other department stores, including Kmart which has been a disrupter itself in this sector.

"Within Wesfarmers, we have made every effort to find a sustainable path forward for Target. However, it is now impossible to continue to run Target at the current size."

The Leader has contacted Target seeking clarification and a comment.