Dance like nobody's watching

Freestyle dance:Its not about how it looks-its about how it feels.Picture Sam Venn
Freestyle dance:Its not about how it looks-its about how it feels.Picture Sam Venn

Dance is more than just learning a series of steps to music; in its basic form it's a way of moving that uses the body as an instrument of expression and communication.

Cronulla musician Joshua Mullane is now bringing his interpretation of the Ecstatic Dance Movement back home after living in Bali and practising the growing freestyle discipline.

Joshua has teamed up with professional dancer Chanelle Freeland, and are facilitating an Ecstatic Movement dance session every Thursday night in Cronulla in the St Andrews Hall, to do their bit in building a healthier community and for people to connect with others.

Joshua said he had been burning the candle at both ends for many years with bad choices trying to escape his own issues and had to find time to ground himself.

"I came across ecstatic dance in Ubud Bali where I've been living on and off for the last three years and became addicted to the natural high it gives.

" I'm able to use this movement as a tool for mental health, acknowledging negative behavioural patterns and as a form of active meditation- as a society we are disconnected from our bodies and its so important that we learn to tap back in and align, especially in this current climate."

Chanelle said the great thing about ecstatic movement is that you don't have to be a dancer.

"It's not about the way the movement looks, it's about how it feels to you,It's about moving honestly and authentically to the way your body wishes to move to the music."

In the class you will see a great variety of movement at any time; from flowing Tai Chi-esque moves,to bopping up and down, break dancing, yoga flows to walking or sitting in meditation. Participants are encouraged to move however they wish.

Ecstatic dance is practiced barefoot to an electronic tapestry of soul-stirring world rhythms, each set is chosen to craft a movement journey designed to help you move out of your head and into your body.

The Ecstatic dance has been practised throughout human history from the ancient times to the revised versions practised in raves and club culture.

Joshua and Chanelle facilitate Ecstatic Movement classes every Thursday night in the Cronulla 'Elephant House' hall and only ask that you bring an open mind and your dancing feet.

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