Australia Day - the morning after at Brighton-Le-Sands

The Botany Bay foreshore was left looking like a rubbish tip in the aftermath of Australia Day celebrations.

Brighton-Le-Sands residents have taken to social media condemning the rubbish left in their suburb by visitors to their suburb.

"What a view this morning. View of bottle caps, dirty nappies, plastic cups, charcoal, broken kids toys, food wrappers, plastic cutlery and so much more," Mark Hawwa posted on the Brighton Residents Action Group Facebook page. .

"Oh yeah happy Australia Day to those who enjoyed using the park and enjoy showing Australia what they really think of it."

Each year, Bayside Council invests over $300,000 in additional services just for the foreshore over the summer.

This includes additional Council Rangers patrolling popular areas along the foreshore, as well as extra bins for rubbish.

This year council has again employed off-duty police to work alongside the rangers during peak periods. It was trialled successfully last year for the first time.

But there was still a bit clean-up in the wake of yesterday's gatherings along the foreshore.

Other comments on Facebook included:

"The ones that have their put rubbish in a bag and left it by the tree have actually done what's been asked of them. That way council can come along and grab them. Public bins don't cut it for oz day.They even hand out the bags. So it's a shame that there's still litter scattered everywhere." - Charmaine Flight Byrnes.

"Worse than animals! Council should use CCTV to shame those who leave their rubbish behind." - Matt Matis

"The Bay looked like a rubbish dump and so much plastic floating in the water. Really how hard is it to pick up your rubbish throw it in the bins provided or simply take it home with you!" - Sonya Goncalves

"Was disgusting yesterday evening at Brighton, people sitting with their litter strewn all around them. Half of this litter would have got into the water with the winds and tides overnight. These habitual littering offenders have zero environment and civic sense, how difficult is it to carry home one's litter? "- Sanjay Constancio Colaco

"There are those who sit and just litter willy nilly leaving their food, bags, nappies, tissues, bottles, etc in the sand and sitting areas. As for the rest who leave their bags around the bins, I think they should carry their litter home with them once the bins are full as that has the tendency to get blown away and end up in the water and bushes in a beach environment, especially with overnight winds and tides, thus polluting the environment."

"Same at Bondi same at Randwick. What's new with us aussies, if it's not nappies it's beer cans." Haji Dayana Em Hussein