YOUR SAY: Penshurst Library opening hours

Georges River Council has decided to open Penshurst Library between 10.00 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday to Friday on a trial basis. Why? Four o'clock closure is too early. Students who live within walking distance or a short drive to the library finish school usually after 3 p.m. they have less than an hour to attend the library, research reference books, use the internet, because believe it or not, every home does not have access to the World Wide Web!! What about access to the photocopier. On a personal note, I attended the library with my grandsons after school today as a treat to borrow books..... the library was closed. I am aware that the Hurstville Library is open until 8.00 p.m. Have you ever tried to park in the library precinct? It is impossible. Why should we have to go to Hurstville? The population in the area is increasing, not decreasing. Penshurst Library should be opened in the early evening, say to at least 6.00 p.m., if not for five days then say, Monday to Wednesday.

Helen Watson


A new generation who only live for the moment

Regarding changing the date of Australia Day, it now seems apparent that any commemorative occasion Australia has involved itself with, has gradually over the years, begun to be 'watered-down'. In my opinion, this is to accommodate a demographic determined to erase any history or acknowledgement by others of another generations agenda. This thinking has infiltrated celebrations such as Christmas, Easter, ANZAC Day and Australia Day. Public Rights of responsible Free Speech on issues like Conservative Government religious opinions on traditional celebrations receiving green light even despite Covid restrictions and lockdowns Climate Change Australia, like the other countries, has adapted to New Thinking. In the future, occasions such as Australia Day will be committed to the past as a bad idea whilst dealing with a new generation who only lives for the moment.

K Brown


The Beverley Park Golf Club fence opera

I refer to Matt Pasfield's letter in your 27 January edition, the contents of which I support 100 per cent. The Beverley Park Golf Club's Annual Report for 2019-2020 shows a loss of $274,506 only over the last two years. My family has lived opposite the course since the 1950s. I have watched its gradual and noticeable decrease in appropriate security. I was given various reasons for the erection of the fence, e.g. vandalism, inappropriate use of the course, etc. A possible drowning was one. I suggest the Board of Directors visit Centennial Park and propose having all the ponds, etc., fenced in.

The course club staff and contractors have worked hard to maintain the course and clubhouse in a very good and attractive condition. The club has a sign "everyone welcome". The club's contractors rely heavily on local support. However, residents are not happy and several have indicated they do not wish to patronise the club any more. The Board of Directors has much to answer for. It appears none live near the club. They do not have to view the ugly fence seven days per week. The saddest point is the golf club and the residents all want a well maintained and attractive golf course. Yet, at no time did the club try to communicate its concerns or intentions to the local community. One final point ..." The Opera ain't over until the fat lady sings..."

Gabrielle Clara

Beverley Park


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