New school safety zone wanted at busy Blakehurst intersection

New school safety zone wanted at busy Blakehurst intersection

Georges River Council will investigate safety concerns at the intersection of Lynwood and Phillip streets, Blakehurst.

Councillor Sam Elmir raised a notice of motion at Monday night's council meeting asking the council's traffic engineers to investigate turning movements at the busy intersection.

He said several residents had raised concerns about pedestrian safety along the main thoroughfare.

"Now if you are not familiar with the area, this is smack bang in the middle of Blakehurst ward, but it also is a very active thoroughfare into Blakehurst and one of the only access points into Blakehurst," Cr Elmir said in the meeting.

"It actually has quite a large volume of vehicles travelling in and out of Blakehurst."

Cr Elmir said parents were parking along the busy road to take their children to school.

"The issues raised by residents are significant safety concerns given that Matre Dei Catholic Primary School is right across the road," he said.

"At the moment we have a situation during early morning and afternoon peaks, parents will park in Lynwood Street and walk across King Georges Road to drop their kids off at school.

"Now the thing that raised concern with residents was that they had witnessed first-hand a couple of near misses and it would be sad to see such a unfortunate incident occur down there and not be able to do anything about it."

Councillor Rita Kastanias hoped to add another Blakehurst Road to the motion.

"There was a community member who also raised concerns not only with those to streets but not far from those two streets there is Stuart Street, Blakehurst where there is a big park," she said.

"There is children's safety concerns similar along that road also."

However Stuart Street is currently being upgraded.

Councillors unanimously supported the motion.

Results of the investigation are expected to be reported to the Local Traffic Advisory Committee for consideration.