King Georges Road to become six lanes

Oatley MP Mark Coure. Picture: Supplied
Oatley MP Mark Coure. Picture: Supplied

Further upgrades King Georges Road are expected to start later this year.

The roadworks have undergone minor design advancements in an effort to improve commute times and overall safety.

Oatley MP Mark Coure said he was excited to see that the additional scope and updated design would improve critical infrastructure components with a core focus on motorist safety.

"Through re-directing the new electricity supply underground and by installing new drainage along Bassett Street, we are providing greater confidence to motorists and road users," Mr Coure said.

"The updated design signifies the importance of community consultation and public feedback in creating infrastructure that best meets the needs of local residents.

"More than 43,000 motorists travel in both directions every day along King Georges Road and experience significant congestion between Stoney Creek Road and Forest Road, particularly during the weekday peak."

Mr Coure said King Georges Road would be widened to three lanes in each direction, separated by a concrete median strip, to address congestion issues.

"In response to the community's feedback, we will also install a right turn lane on King Georges Road southbound for motorists turning right into Percival Street.

"In addition to these upgrades, the new scope will provide a longer right turn lane on King Georges Road northbound for motorists turning right onto Stoney Creek Road to reduce congestion at the intersection."

Property adjustment and landscaping works are already underway with a completion date for these preliminary procedures expected by the end of June 2021.

Transport for NSW will notify the community on the work schedule before major work starts.

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