New documentary film tells story of koalas on Sydney's southern and south-western fringe

A new documentary film will tell the story of the koalas that move around the suburban edges of southern and south-western Sydney.

The Koala Corridor, which is being made by Sutherland Shire based filmmakers Gregory Miller and Georgia Wallace Crabbe, will show the risks and barriers hindering the loveable animals and how their survival can be assisted.

The film is still in production and reliant on crowdfunding to raise the budget.

A 10 minute preview, with exclusive footage and interviews, will be showing at Hazelhurst Gallery, Gymea on May 16.

Speakers at the preview will include Saul Dean from the Total Environment Centre, Chris Gambian from the Nature Conservation Council, and Dr Sharyn Cullis from Georges River Environmental Alliance.

Gregory Miller and Georgia Wallace Crabbe, of Film Projects, have been shooting documentaries around the world for more than 30 years, but this story of the last Sydney Koalas has grabbed their attention.

"These koalas were almost wiped out in the 1920s", Greg said.

"People are now seeing koalas in their backyards, and think they're amazing. But looking at the research it seems these koalas need our help if they're going to survive."

Dr Tassia Kolesnikow, the chair of Sutherland Shire Environment Centre, said an increasing number of koalas were being seen in Sutherland Shire.

"The Royal National Park fires in 1994 made many lose hope that koalas would ever be seen here again," she said.

"Now we have a few more koalas but there is still the very real problem of koala road-kill in places such as Heathcote Road."

Gary Schoer, the secretary of the Southern Sydney Branch, National Parks Association NSW, is encouraging people to see the preview.

"Don't miss this will help motivate you about the local power that we all have to give our iconic koalas a real future in south-west and southern Sydney," he said.

The Koala Corridor is being supported by

  • Sutherland Shire Environment Centre
  • Oatley Flora and Fauna Conservation Society
  • Save Sydney's Koalas
  • Georges River Environmental Alliance
  • Documentary Australia Foundation
  • Nature Conservation Council
  • Total Environment Centre