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Home loan calculator: Why and when to use it

Home loan calculator: Why and when to use it
Home loan calculator: Why and when to use it

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Acquiring a home requires a lot of financing and financial planning. Because of this, some people opt for mortgages and other forms of loans to acquire homes.

Usually, getting a loan to acquire property may prove advantageous in many ways, like buying the house at the current price before it appreciates.

However, acquiring loans or shared equities to help finance the purchase of a home has its fair share of challenges.

You have to shop around for the lender with the most favourable terms. You must also understand how much you'll be required to pay in monthly premiums. Acquiring, planning, and repaying mortgage loans can be simplified by a home loan calculator.

When to use a loan calculator

There are different stages of purchasing a home where a home loan calculator is useful. It will be useful to understand how a mortgage works, how much you'll have to repay monthly, and how to decide on which lender to choose.

Here are two occasions when you'll need a calculator:

When shopping around for a mortgage

Whether you're a first-time home buyer or an experienced buyer, you know the power that your lending institution or investor holds.

It's essential, therefore, that you get a lender whose interest rates are low. The repayment period and terms should also be within your preference and ability.

While reading the lender's terms may answer these questions, using a loan calculator gives you the figures and, with it, a better insight into how the mortgage works.

You can then compare the lenders by analysing the total amount you'll have to repay. In the end, you'll be able to choose what's best for you.

Calculating your monthly repayments

After acquiring your mortgage, you'll need to determine how much money you'll repay monthly.

Most lenders always charge an annual interest rate, but homeowners prefer paying monthly to lessen the burden. Repayment of this loan depends on the principle, the interest rate, and the repayment period.

If you're up for some calculations, you can choose to do this manually. However, a loan calculator helps reduce this task and the chances of errors.

This makes it easy for anyone to calculate their monthly repayments correctly and plan accordingly.

Benefits of a home loan calculator

A home calculator can benefit you in several ways. First, once you get your calculator, you can embark on your home search with this tool to help with what would've otherwise been a complex adventure.

Here are the other reasons why you need a home calculator:

Narrow your home search

Some people may not know where to start when searching for a home.

In some cases, they'll go for houses that are outside their price range. In addition, there are several factors that lenders consider before giving you a home loan.

When using a loan calculator, the mortgage estimates can help narrow down your search and give you a starting point.

Home loan calculator: Why and when to use it
Home loan calculator: Why and when to use it

Helps to factor other costs

Typically, the cost of a mortgage is only assumed to be the principle and the interests only. However, other extra costs may significantly alter the price of a home and, if assumed, can dig deep into your finances.

A home loan calculator should be able to factor in taxes, insurance premiums, and other dues. This will help you correctly determine the type of home you can afford.

Helps in financial management

Having a home loan calculator can help you effectively plan your finances. Once the calculator does the math, you can then choose what home you can purchase, how much you'll pay as a down payment, and what amount goes into the monthly repayment rates.

Having prior knowledge of how you'll allocate your funds, you can then plan your finances well to meet other vital issues.

Give insights to monthly repayments

Knowing your monthly repayments is the first step towards choosing the best mortgage. You can always shop around different lenders, then calculate how much you'll have to pay monthly.

A loan calculator can help factor in the long-term repayment and the interest rate.

Typically, some mortgages will charge high monthly rates because of a short repayment period, and others will charge low monthly rates in a more extended period.

The calculator will help you figure this out and choose the best choose the best mortgage for you.


While purchasing a house seems complex, you can make the process simpler by acquiring a home calculator. The calculator offers so many insights at different stages of mortgage acquisition and repayment. It does the math for you, making mortgage terms and other contracts understandable.