Photos | Residents fed up with council inaction on potential 'death trap' next to Sutherland North Primary School

Residents, including parents with young children, are fed up with council inaction over a dangerous intersection next to Sutherland North Public School.

The intersection of Waratah Street and Auburn Street is a "rat run" from Princes Highway and many motorists who travel through it are accessing the adjoining light industrial area.

Stephanie Lucas, who has two sons, aged six and four, said, since moving to Waratah Street in 2016, there had been about six serious accidents, including four in just over the last 12 months.

Accident at the intersection on May 29, 2021. Picture: supplied

Accident at the intersection on May 29, 2021. Picture: supplied

"It has become a death trap since the exit at Acacia Road has been closed during roadworks on the highway," she said.

"We hope things will improve when the work is finished, but we think it will remain a major bypass."

The most recent crash occurred between a car and a concrete pumping truck about 9am on Saturday May 29.

"Thankfully, no one was seriously injured, but both drivers were shaken up," Ms Lucas said.

"I have written countless submissions to the council, but all they say is they are looking into it."

Accident at the intersection on April 21, 2021. Picture: supplied

Accident at the intersection on April 21, 2021. Picture: supplied

Another neighbour has moved out of their main bedroom because it is close to the corner and they fear a vehicle will crash through the wall.

The school's P&C Association is also concerned at the danger to children, while the Education Department has been communicating with the council.

Residents believe north and south bound vehicles in Auburn Street should not be allowed to cross, or turn right into, Waratah Street.

A spokesman for Sutherland Shire Council said the council "acknowledges the safety concerns raised in relation to the intersection".

"Staff are currently investigating the feasibility of introducing traffic control measures at this location to improve safety," he said.

"The proximity of Sutherland North Public school to this location is also an active consideration.

Accident at the intersection on May 26, 2020. Picture: supplied

Accident at the intersection on May 26, 2020. Picture: supplied

"Council's traffic engineering staff take a considered approach in recommending traffic control measures to address road safety concerns, taking great care to ensure that any safety measures put forward for adoption are commensurate with the risk of serious traffic incidents at any specific location.

"Council staff are always mindful that changes in one location on our road network can often produce adverse consequences elsewhere, so broader thinking needs to be applied."

The spokesman said works were previously undertaken at this intersection to improve safety for all road users, including removing a number of trees along Waratah Street to improve the line of sight for motorists and the upgrade of the concrete median to provide a full sized pedestrian refuge.

"In relation to the school, further road safety improvements at this location have been the subject of ongoing consultation with the Department of Education, with Council drawing input from the Department to ensure the safety of all road users can best be accommodated, particularly students walking or cycling to and from the neighbouring primary school," he said.

"These consultations are ongoing.

"Among the factors which are taken into account when considering improvements to road safety measures in place at any given location are statistics drawn from the NSW Centre for Road Safety, input from local police and feedback provided by surrounding residents and regular road users.

"Council values the feedback received from local residents in advocating for new road safety measures to be implemented, either to curb unsafe driver behaviour or to improve the safety of road infrastructure, noting that a number of key safety upgrades throughout the Sutherland Shire have been instigated by such representations from the community."