Chainsaw massacre at Brighton-Le-Sands

Vandals have cut down a number of trees along the foreshore at Cook Park, Brighton-Le-Sands.

The destruction was discovered by a resident walking along the foreshore last Thursday.

"It's been open slather on the foreshore," said Brighton-Le-Sands resident Evelyn, who did not want to use her last name.

"There were about six trees lying on the grass that looked like they had been cut with a chainsaw."

The trees were near the intersection of The Grand Parade and Bruce Street, the vicinity of where about 12 trees were cut down last October.

"The people who are doing this should realise the extent of the damage they are causing," Evelyn said.

"They don't understand the purpose of these trees. We are going to lose the foreshore because this vegetation holds it together.

"Something major has to be done that will be in-your-face-and let people know otherwise it will just happen again," she said.

Bayside mayor Joe Awada condemned the vandalism.

"I am outraged, and our community should be outraged, by this senseless, disgraceful vandalism of trees along the historic foreshore of Botany Bay," Cr Awada said.

"This is not the first time trees at this location have been brutally vandalised. Vandalism in our parks, playgrounds and community spaces cost the ratepayers hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. It is sad that there are those in our community who think it is okay to destroy public property."