Bayside to look at finanical relief for residents and businesses impacted by lockdown

Bayside to look at finanical relief for residents and businesses impacted by lockdown

Bayside Council will hold an extraordinary meeting on August 4 to consider a package of financial relief options to support residents and businesses suffering financial hardship during lockdown.

Mayor Joe Awada said the financial relief package would contain options similar to those provided to residents and businesses during the 2020 lockdown.

Last year, Bayside Council introduced a number of measures including a waiver on interest on overdue rates for Bayside residents experiencing financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic and a waiver of fees on outdoor licences and rent for council's s commercial tenants who are unable to operate their businesses because of the prohibitions relating to COVID-19.

"Sadly, we are battling again to stop the spread of the virus in Greater Sydney, and it continues to be worsening at the moment," Councilor Awada said in a Mayoral Minute tabled at the July 14 council meeting.

"It's time that we as a Council reassure our community, residents and businesses that we are here to support them when they most need it.

"This Mayoral Minute is asking for Council to look at what options are available so we can provide important financial relief measures to assist our residents and business owners during these stressful times of financial hardship.

"I request an urgent report be submitted to the Extraordinary Meeting of Council to be held on 4 August, 2021, providing a package of financial relief options for our community similar to those already provided during the previous lockdown in 2020.

"This will allow Council to make sure we put appropriate relief measures in place before ratepayers are required to make any payment of rates at the end of August 2021.

"I also want to commend our community for being vigilant in getting tested for COVID-19 and adhering to restrictions and stay-at-home rules" Cr Awada said.

"We have had limited hot spots in Bayside and I hope that continues. I call on all Bayside residents and business owners and staff to continue to work together to keep everyone safe, whilst we battle this crisis. It is our civic duty - each and every one of us, to stop the spread of the virus."