Donate your old clothes, shoes at St George and Shire collection points this Spring

Spring clean: Alexis Todorovski (centre) at one of SCRgroup's clothing and textile donation bins. Picture: SCRgroup

Spring clean: Alexis Todorovski (centre) at one of SCRgroup's clothing and textile donation bins. Picture: SCRgroup

As we all continue to endure lockdown, there's never been a better time to clear out the closets.

Most people have at least a few items of clothing they no longer wear - whether the size just isn't right anymore, the pieces no longer suit your style or perhaps they've got a hole or a stain you can't unsee.

There is still a chance those pieces could have another life outside landfill - and that's where SCRgroup comes in.

The company has collection bins across Sydney - including several locations across St George and the Shire - which are still accepting donations during lockdown.

SCRgroup national executive Alexis Todorovski said items such as clothing, shoes and handbags were perfect to drop into the collection bins, however other items like furniture, books, suitcases, electricals, mattresses, bikes and toys were not suitable.

"All of our collected items are taken to our sorting facility where they are sorted and separated based on their condition and whether they are fit for wear," she said. "We rehome the clothing that is fit for wear amongst local and international communities that need them the most."

Ms Todorovski encouraged locals to think about how to clear their household clutter sustainably.

"Last year during our first lockdown, there was a significant increase in illegal dumping as many people didn't know how to correctly dispose of their unwanted items," she said.

"It's important that we dispose of our unwanted items responsibly and create a conversation around the different wants to do so.

"The weather is also warming up, which means many of us will also be doing our annual spring clean.

"If you truly don't want to see something that you own ever again, it's time to think about how and where you're going to dispose of them. First consider if you can up-cycle things into something that you do like, but if not, SCRgroup will help you give your unwanted clothes and household items a new home. Donated items are sent to local and international communities that need them most, and where they can't be re-homed, clothing is turned into rags or converted into biofuel."

Ms Todorovski said SCRgroup was researching programs and technology to better utilise clothing that is unfit for wear.

She said all collection hubs were considered an "essential service" and remained open to the public.

Locations include: Bangor Shopping Centre, Illawong Shopping Centre, Avenus Caringbah Home, Child Care Centre Cia Bella Sans Souci, Kogarah Town Centre and Rockdale Plaza.