Photos | WIRES removes koala from Woronora bushland after public attention and injury concerns

A WIRES rescuer removed a koala from bushland at Woronora late on Sunday after it received a lot of public attention over the weekend and concerns it was injured.

The koala was reported to have a scratch under the eye and possibly a leg injury.

Alfords Point wildlife photographer Greg Tannos, who was among those who spotted the koala by chance, put photos and a video on his Facebook page, without giving the location.

"Over the years I can honestly say it is a rare occurrence that I have come across a koala in the shire," he posted.

"There were a few people around (including me) so for this reason I hope you will understand that I cannot give out its location."

Greg said, while the group watched discreetly, the koala climbed down from the tree and up another.

"It appeared to be in good health, but when I looked at the video later it could have an injury to its left rear leg as it was limping," he said.

Greg said anyone sighting a koala should log it in the new I Spy Koala app or at least advise the Rural Fire Service, so they could be aware when planning bushfire hazard reduction.

Further information has been sought from WIRES.

Sutherland Shire Environment Centre posted photos, taken by Louis Petrucco on Friday, of another koala in an unidentified national park in the shire.

"I thought the highlight of the day was the orchids, until this - my first wild koala in my local national park," Louis wrote.

The environment centre added, "If you spot a koala while out and about please be sure to log your sightings in the I Spy Koala app.

"This registers koala sightings with the NSW Govt Bionet Atlas and can be used to help protect our precious local population from hazard reduction burns for example."

Responding to a question about the location, the centre said, "We have to be careful disclosing locations now in case thousands of people turn up and stress the koalas.

"We've been asked by WIRES not to disclose locations. It's just good to know we have koalas in all our national parks around the shire.

"And, anywhere you go now you may have a chance of seeing them.

"The best thing is that they are breeding and healthy, which is not the case for many other koalas around NSW. We're so lucky".

I Spy Koala app: